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Extracting links from the web pages has always been difficult. You would have to copy the desired links one by one, and it is quite monotonous and tiresome. However, there are some web-based programs to extract all the links from your desired websites and blogs without any issue. The best part is that these programs can be integrated with your IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.

1. IWebTool Link Extractor:

IWebTool Link Extractor is a popular web-based software and a Firefox extension. It will help download your data directly on your machine. Once installed and activated, this program will make the scraping process easier and fasters. Extracting data from news outlets, travel portals and stock exchange sites was never so easy. With this software, you can perform plenty of tasks without any issue. It allows only five requests per hour and the tool is known to work smoothly. Some of its prominent options are Title and anchor text button and Google Page-Rank option.

2. Link Extractor:

It is another web-based tool that extracts all the links from your desired web pages. Link Extractor is a great alternative to Web Scraper and Outwit which are available only for Google Chrome users. In contrast, this program can work nicely on all web browsers and scrapes multiple pages simultaneously. It is best known for its dynamic data extraction properties and capabilities and handles pages with its Ajax and Javascript codes. It displays the extracted data in the form of handy tables and lists.

3. FireLink Report:

It is not only a Firefox add-on but also an excellent web-based program. It extracts links and scrapes your data from news sites, RSS feeds, blogs and social media profiles without any issue. It gives options to filter the data based on its properties and your requirements. FireLink Report works by scanning the links and updating the datasets.

4. SEM Link Extractor:

SEM Link Extractor is also famous for its link extraction and web scraping properties. It is one of the easiest and best programs to extract all the links from a web page. Its visual dashboard will make your extracting process easier and convenient. Whether you want to scrape the data from simple links or carry out the complicated data fetching projects, this program will do everything for you without any problem.

5. SEOquake Link Extractor:

SEOquake Link Extractor is another web-based application. It does not require downloading, and you can get benefited from it online. It helps you extract all the links from a specific web page and crawls and fetches the real-time data. This will show the wealth of links in the form of Google web pages and bookmarked pages.

6. OutWit Hub Link Extractor:

Here is another wonderful and outstanding web-based link extractor. This free web scraping software supports both complicated and simple data of the websites that use javascript, cookies, redirects, and AJAX. It is equipped with the machine learning technology, can read and transform data from one format to another. You can undertake up to five crawl projects using this link extractor. It sorts both internal and external links and offers a lot of filtering options.

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